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By Haylie Robinson

Teacher Appreciation Week starts Monday, May 8th, and ends Friday, May 12th. This week is to celebrate and appreciate the teachers working hard, daily to help people learn and work with children to help them grow. According to www.learninga-z.com, Teacher Appreciation Week is celebrated yearly in the first week of May.

Nationaldaycalendar.com states that in 1953 Eleanor Roosevelt persuaded the 81st Congress to make a National Teachers Appreciation Day even though political and educational leaders had discussed celebrating teachers with their own day in 1944.

The first National Teacher Awareness Day was celebrated on March 7th until 1984 but was moved to May. In accordance with blog.schoolspecialty.com, they then changed it from a day to a week that week, the second week of May. National Teacher Day this year falls on May 2nd, a day after Principals Day celebrated on May 1st.

With that, these are some gift ideas you could buy for your child’s teacher and/or principal:

• School Supplies, teachers come out of pocket each school year for things around their classrooms. Pens, pencils, scissors, tape, and markers can break or dry out.

• Door signs or decor for their classrooms shows that you care and can give a little memory of your child giving it to them. It’s just a cute little memo to give.

• A message board, the teachers can write little memos each day before class for the students to read each day.

• A candle or diffuser, find a scent they like and gets it for them; they can use the candle at home and the diffuser in class.

• Reusable water bottles, teachers and principals are always on the go, so keeping a plastic water bottle on them can be stressful. So a reusable water bottle they can carry can be handy for school staff.

• Tea or coffee gift set gives a tasty drink that teachers can drink at school or home. With tea, go for a classic lavender or chamomile, which can be loose-leaf or bagged, whichever.

• Lotions or soaps, same thing with the candles, find out which scents they like and find a lotion or soap you think they would like and give it to them.

• Gift cards can come in handy for teachers because buying things for classrooms on Amazon or from Walmart or to buy food for themselves. Gift cards can come in many uses.

• New books some teachers really enjoy reading, so this can be a thoughtful gift for the teacher.

• A tote bag, teachers have a lot of things to carry around, such as laptops, binders, and notebooks. A tote bag with strong straps and a wide opening is perfect.

You can find more ideas at indywithkids.com.