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10 Ways to make the most of a sunny Sunday afternoon

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Family1. Go fly a kite

Take the kids outdoors and fly a kite. If you are really adventurous, make one of your own. Fly it at the park, in the schoolyard or at a nearby field. Kite flying on a sunny day is a ton of fun and a terrific way to get your vitamin D.
2. Head to the ballpark
Get tickets to a ball game for your whole family, whether it’s the major leagues or a local game. Get seats in the bleachers and bring gloves so the kids can try to catch a fly ball. Eat hot dogs and peanuts, and enjoy a family day in the sun. Many teams offer family or group discounts on tickets.
3. Turn on the sprinklers
Sure, the water park is a blast — but it can be expensive. Instead, invest in some cheap water guns and head outside. Turn on the sprinklers, break out the water balloons, and enjoy the afternoon sun while you cool off with some water fun.
4. Grab your camera
A sunny Sunday afternoon is the perfect time to capture some amazing shots. Take your family to the botanical garden, zoo or the beach — all wonderful backdrops. Even if you are an amateur, you can take terrific pictures these days as the cameras do most of the work for you.
5. Dine alfresco (For couples)
Get a babysitter. Make a date with your hubby or significant other and head to an outdoor cafe. You don’t have to spend a lot — just enjoy a fresh fruit platter or only eat dessert. Have a few frothy cocktails and enjoy your Sunday in the sun with good conversation.
6. Ride a bike
Bicycles aren’t just for kids. Biking is a terrific way to spend an afternoon with your partner, and it’s great exercise. If you live in a tourist community, rent a bicycle built for two. Most resort and coastal areas have them readily available. Tandem bikes are fun — and not as easy as you think to ride.
7. Take a walk on the sand
Slather on your sunscreen and head to the beach. Who cares if you aren’t in bikini shape? Put on a sundress or cover-up and walk along the shoreline. There’s nothing like wet sand oozing through your toes as you enjoy an afternoon in the sun with someone you love.
8. Read at the park (By yourself)
Let your hubby watch the kids for the afternoon while you get a little break. While the weather is still warm, take your reading outdoors. Whether you like romance novels, true crime stories or something in between, head to the nearest park (or even your own backyard) and lounge in the grass while reading. Don’t forget your sunscreen.
9. Lighten up (your hair)
You don’t have to spend money at the salon to get sun-kissed highlights; you can highlight your hair with honey, chamomile tea and even beer. For the beer method, empty four bottles of light-colored beer into a basin. Saturate you hair in the beer and then sit outside in the sun. Drink the other two bottles from the six-pack while you wait for the beer to go to work on your hair. About an hour later, rinse out your hair with cool water. Repeat a couple times a week until your hair is the shade you desire. Check out these other ways to get natural hair highlights.
10. Go shopping
An afternoon of shopping by yourself is a fabulous way to recharge your batteries and grab some “me time.” Check out some stores to which you’ve never been in a neighboring town or suburb. Outlet malls, thrift shops and antique stores are fun destinations. Or head to a high-end boutique and try on designer clothes all afternoon. Who cares if you can’t afford them? You’re only window shopping.