• 4:46 pm North Carolina celebrates National Aviation Day
  • 4:25 pm Early voting for congressional elections begins Wednesday
  • 4:05 pm SoutheasternTimes.com: Francis Zober guilty of rape, kidnapping, 12 counts of second-degree exploitation of a minor and more
  • 3:58 pm Burney Pleads Guilty to Murdering Father’s Girlfriend, Sentenced to Up to 38 Years in Prison
  • 3:44 pm Bladen County Man Pleads to Shooting, Sentenced to up to 11 Years in Prison

The 2016 economic impact study of travel on Bladen County was prepared by The U.S. Travel Associates.
Bladen County received travel income of $38.67 million, which was up 1.8% from the previous period. The payroll for travel income for Bladen County was $4.16 million which was up 2.1% from the previous period. The state of North Carolina received taxes of $2.38 million from Bladen travel income, which was up 2.4% from the previous period. Bladen County received $1.11 million in taxes from travel, which was up 2.1% from the previous period.