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29th Dublin Peanut Festival- Supporting our Locals Through Enjoyment

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By Danna Martinez

The 29th Dublin Peanut Festival took place this past Saturday with a wide variety of activities.

As is tradition, the Dublin Peanut Festival is held annually on the third Saturday in September. This year, that day fell on a warm and sunny September 18th. The annual parade opened the door to the festival at 10 am. In its continuance, the public was able to observe some of the local companies’ presentations as well as the Grand Marshall, Ashton Robeson, and the DPF royal court.

Moreover, the motorcycle demonstrations and the exhibition of the trucks attracted the amateur’s attention during the parade. In the same way, the little ones enjoyed the participation of several of their favorite animated characters, such as Mickey and Minnie Mouse and Doc McStuffins, while also enjoying the candies distributed by the parading vehicles. The fire department team was present throughout the march to provide a safe space for everyone. The parade moved through downtown Dublin and ended around 11 am.

With the closing of the parade, the public proceeded to enjoy a distinctive car exhibition. A few meters from it, local entrepreneurs and organizations were ready to show and share their products and articles. Besides the multiple booths, the festival featured live entertainment, bounce houses, games, and the perfect open space to enjoy a cold sweet tea and a fried oreo.

Among music, crafts, drinks, and peanuts, the festival managed to gather around 2000 people. As for the funds raised, the total is still being counted. As stated on the Official DPF Page, “From the smallest amount, to the largest contribution, every dollar donated helps toward one of our many projects.”

The DPF is a non-profit organization that seeks to support the community. In the words of the Dublin Peanut Festival Committee Chair Christy Dowless, “We use all our profits from all our events for scholarships for children and to give back to the local community schools.”

After a day full of fun, food, sales, and entertainment, the festival got to an end around 4 pm.

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