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3 Ways to Celebrate Blueberry Farmers and the Fruit of the South

Blueberry farmers battle the weather elements, along with social and economic issues. This year the COVID-19 pandemic and other issues have added to the stress for farmers. wanted to take the time to list some ways we can continue to celebrate these essential community helpers. Local farmers have been celebrated for all their hard work with an annual Ammon Blueberry Festival.

However, the festival has not been held since 2018 due to the lack of volunteers to organize the festival. This year, during the COVID-19 pandemic, several festivals and parades celebrating the area’s attributes have been canceled.

Although festivals have been canceled, people can still celebrate the good things in our area. Watch a blast from the past video published in 2017 of the Ammon Blueberry Festival.

Below are a couple of other ways you may celebrate our local blueberry farmers.

Celebrate local farmers by buying local produce. Consumers can find locally grown strawberries and blueberries by looking for the “GOT TO BE NC” logo. This logo assures consumers that their product was grown and produced in North Carolina.

Make blueberry recipes. published some kid-friendly recipes in May. Read them now:

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