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5 tips to help you stay cool this Summer

By: A. Daine Smith, Cape Fear Heating & Cooling, LLC

Summer has arrived. Hot temperatures are increasing. Folks are usually searching for ways to stay cool in hot weather.

We have put a list of 5 tips together to help you stay cool in the rising heat.

1. How many times have we heard this, “Drink plenty of water!” You can keep your body temperature down by drinking plenty of refreshening liquids.
2. The sun shouldn’t shine on the inside of your home if you want to stay cool inside. Try heat blocking curtains to help your home stay comfortable in the rising temperatures.
3. Your body has special cooling spots according to experts. By draping a cool washcloth over your neck or wrists you will help bring your body temperature down faster. Try this technique next time you get too warm.
4. Use your fans! They will help circulate air to cool things off. You may also try this: put ice in front of the fan. It will give you a nice cool breeze.
5. Call Cape Fear Heating & Cooling, LLC at 910-647-0221 if your air conditioning is not running correctly. We pride ourselves in “Keeping You Comfortable!”  PD

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