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7 Changes Needed to Stop the Violence

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News of multiple shootings came on Tuesday after the Memorial Day weekend. The crimes have people afraid and wondering what changes need to happen to stop the violence.

Fletcher “Big Show” Collins a local business owner and community leader in Bladen County met with to discuss some changes that need to take place.

Big Show said, “This is the real pandemic.”

He gave seven ways to make a difference in communities to end the violence.

  1. Don’t ignore it… People can not act like these crimes are not happening. Leaders need to set the examples and standards for their communites.
  2. Community Watch… In the past community watchess were popular and helped cut down on crimes, according to Big Show.
  3. Bring resolution and a cease-fire. Big Show explained that just because you have the right to carry a firearm does not mean you have to take one with you everywhere.
  4. Get out in the streets and let your voice be heard. Do not hide in fear, but get out and talk about the issues.
  5. Put a preventative plan in motion. Community leaders need to work together to create a plan to stop the violence.
  6. It takes a village. Men need to work and take care of their households. Women need to stop provoking violence. Adults need to be role models for the children around them.
  7. Hold each other accountable. When someone is not doing as they should, elders need to hold them responsible.

Big Show plans to gather community leaders and citizens together for a roundtable discussion to talk about the issues plaguing our society. He said, “Even some of the young folks that are in some of these gangs, … let’s be real, …I want to try to understand what is going on in their minds.”

“There are a lot of people dying senseless, but I think we can change,” Big Show commented. will publish more information as it is made available. Watch the interview with Big Show now on our YouTube Channel.

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