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7th Congressional District met in Dublin

7th Congressional District met in Dublin
7th Congressional District met in Dublin

Democrats from six counties of the 7th Congressional District came together at the district’s Fall Executive Meeting in Dublin, North Carolina. District officers chairman Francisco Rivas-Diaz, 1st Vice Chair Dr. Kyle Horton, 2nd Vice Chair Pat Branch, and 3rd Vice Chair Johnny Anderson welcomed Democrats at the meeting including Representative William Brisson and candidate for NC senate Andrew Barnhill, who both gave remarks on the need for investment on education and the need to focus on job growth in North Carolina.

Mayor of the town of Brunswick, Nancy Hill, also joined in the meeting. Representative for the Democratic Women of North Carolina Sarah Anderson provided important information on delegate-selection for the upcoming elections.

Dr. Kyle Horton offered information on the party’s messaging based on polling, and district chair Francisco Rivas-Diaz discussed precinct organizing and communication between counties. The meeting was conducted over lunch while many great ideas and discussions took place.

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