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Ode To A Golfer

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The sun is out, the day is bright,

Everyone wants the bets just right.

There is one problem we all see,

He’s standing right there on the tee.

He swears he’s hitting it real, real bad,

But we all know he’s a lying lad.

Seven birdies we all did see,

Mac, Charles, Steve and me.

We’ll give him the bet cause we love the boy,

What’s a few bucks when it brings him such joy.

He’s over 70 but very, very hip,

When he shows up each day with a different grip.

We all know Iris is the real boss,

Of the golf phenom known as David Cross.

This was written about eight years ago after an exceptional round by David Cross. The round was witnessed by Mac Porter, Charles DeVane, Steve Godwin and Norgie Hester.

You would think that, after eighty, your golf game would slowly go away. That ain’t happening with David Cross. The past 36 holes found David making 11 birdies.

This just goes to show that no matter your age, whatever you endeavor to do, can be done if you put your heart into it.