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Updated-Lu Mil Vineyard Grows More Than Grapes – May Day Jamboree Continues to Grow in Popularity

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By Charlotte Smith

Update- This article has been updated. The article originally reported the cornhole teams were more than five, the total teams participating was 18 teams. The Backwoods Music Society did not perform because they had to cancel. Also, although Daryl Davis is an award-winning peanut boiler, he does not consider himself a singer. 

Lu Mil Vineyard hosted the second annual May Day Jamboree on Saturday, May 14, from 2 pm until 8 pm. Daryl Davis, award-winning peanut boiler, explained the event’s history. According to Daryl, the music celebration started years ago at his home. Then last year, he worked with Ron Taylor and Denise T. Bridgers at Lu Mil Vineyard to grow the party into the May Day Jamboree. 

“I was in charge of the music lineup, and Denise and the rest of the crowd got the food trucks and the other things together for the event.” He added, “It just keeps growing.” 

A corn-hole tournament kicked off the event and drew a large crowd competing with more than five teams participating (the total teams participating was 18 teams). Nick Oxendine and Michael Mahala from Robeson County walked away as the tournament’s champions. 

There was plenty for all to enjoy at the event. Food trucks and vendors offered a large variety of cuisines for just about any taste palate. Children walked around with their faces painted by talented artists, and some people even took advantage of the ponds on site and fished for free while the air was light and breezy. 

Some adults were at the gift shop enjoying the wine tastings of Lu Mil Vineyard’s award-winning wines. Queens and other royal court members from different beauty pageants strolled around and posed for photos.

Kelly Barefoot, a local business owner in attendance, noted Alyssa Bell and Hannah Wheeless with the Dublin Peanut Festival are fantastic representatives for their crowns. She stated, “These two beauties do so much to create positivity and love for our community.”

 Live music filled the air while those present enjoyed the festivities.

“This is a great day! Last year we had a large crowd, and this year it is even bigger,” Denise with Lu Mil said. 

The music lineup brought in many fans. First, Dennis Mize hit the stage, singing and playing the guitar. Then Loose Floorboards, a popular local band, entertained the crowd. Next on the list was Lane Ward belting out some great tunes. The evening ended on a gratifying note when one of North Carolina’s most popular bands, 87&Pine, rocked the vineyard and sang some favorite original songs. (The Backwoods Music Society originally scheduled for the event did not perform because they had to cancel.)

Brent Underwood, the band’s lead singer, announced their music is now playing across the nation, and the band just finished a video shoot on Chimney Rock. Brent said, “We have some new music coming out and a new video. We are the first to record a music video on Chimney Rock; I think that is pretty cool!” 

As a recap, Lu Mil Vineyard stated on their social account, “We had perfect weather, great music, great food, great wine, & great people! We hope you will come back to see us! A special thank you to Daryl Davis for partnering with us to make this event so successful. As always, we are so so blessed to have such loyal and great customers.”

Lu Mil Vineyard is a family-friendly, multi-use facility located at 438 Suggs-Taylor Road near Elizabethtown, NC.