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DreamWorks Partners with the Salvation Army to Help the Community

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By: Jair McElveen & Leyton Ezzell

On June 6, 2022, in Elizabethtown, NC, at DreamWorks Bladen, the Salvation Army of Cape Fear(SAOCF) hosted an open house for their new location. They have teamed up with DreamWorks and Pastor Jason Williams “to offer Bladen County residents a convenient location focused on the specific need of this community.”

The Bladen Online team staff took to the open house to interview Major Ken Morris, with SAOCF. It was there that he gave us a lot of useful information. They are very excited about the new location. The five counties that they work with are Bladen, Brunswick, Pender, Columbus, and New Hanover and they typically help with clothing, utility bills, rent, pet food assistance, and the Christmas Angel Tree program. Major Morris explained with them servicing five different counties the SAOCF knew it would be difficult for everyone to travel to their main location in Wilmington, so they set out to expand and make it easier for families that may need a little help.

They plan to open another social work office in another area to further their services around the five counties they service. Major Morris says, “There are folks in this town who are still recovering from the hurricane — 3 years ago and some of the houses still don’t have power, some of them still have holes in the roof, and leaking problems. So we want to be here and help them out the best we can and refer them to other folks that can help them as well.”

Since mid-march, they have helped 85 families which involve 186 people, and this past Christmas they helped 55 children and 49 families. The Salvation Army of Cape Fear had been in Wilmington for over one hundred years and they are also a church. SAOCF raise money through donations and their thrift stores that they use for direct financial assistance. Major Morris also states that they try to do what they can for all these counties and that they are thrilled to be here at Bladen.

Lastly, Major Morris wants to thank Pastor Jason Williams for all his help and says partnering with DreamWorks “is very convenient and it’s a great hub to bring everybody together for the services.”

 DreamWorks and the Salvation Army of Cape fear are located at 1001 W. Broad Street, Elizabethtown, NC 

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