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100 Things For Kids and Parents to Do During Summer

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By Leyton Ezzell

Summer is an important time for not only children but for parents as well. The iconic time of year is known for letting kids be free from school and letting their parents bond with their kids. So here are 100 things for kids and parents to do over the summer.

1. Play outside.

2. Make a fort, inside or outside

3. Set up an outside movie projector

4. Start a home project

5. Make arts and crafts

6. Watch new movies at a theater

7. Watch old movies on an outside movie projector

8. Go on neighborhood bike rides

9. Explore local parks

10. Start a garden

11. Learn a new skill

12. Picnic outside

13. Go fishing at a local lake or stream

14. Explore local bike trails

15. Swim at White Lake

16. Read outside

17. Have fun at a water park

18. Go to a concert

19. Make giant bubbles

20. Play with Go-Karts

21. Go on a four-wheeler ride

22. Visit museums

23. Try zip lining

24. Go on a rope course

25. Build a backyard obstacle course

26. Volunteer time at an animal shelter

27. Visit a zoo

28. Plan a road trip

29. Go on a summer drive

30. Build a tree house

31. Go to events hosted by a local library

32. Read at the local library

33. Organize a scavenger hunt

34. Make homemade ice cream

35. Build a LEGO set with friends

36. Go camping

37. Go backyard camping

38. Bake sweet treats like cookies and cakes

39. Let the kids try finger painting

40. Try mini-golf courses

41. Try a family BBQ

42. Try stargazing

43. Go to local arcades

44. Make fresh lemonade

45. Start a fresh lemonade stand

46. Visit a local farm

47. Visit the local fire station

48. Visit the local police station

49. Make S’mores by a fire

50. Learn a new language

51. Take a try at tie-dye

52. Try a science experiment

53. Go to a local carnival

54. Build a model kit

55. Have a family game night

56. Have a family movie night

57. Bury a time capsule

58. Try out sidewalk chalk art

59. Paint a picture with local scenery

60. Try white water rafting

61. Go to a fair

62. Try experimenting with a new look

63. Try out laser tag

64. Try to solve an escape room

65. Binge watch a series

66. Get a starting job

67. Go indoor skydiving

68. Go rollerskating

69. Try skateboarding

70. Try to BMX

71. Try a drive-in movie

72. Have a huge water balloon fight

73. Learn to cook a meal

74. Learn how to upkeep a car

75. Learn about your town’s history

76. Eat a meal you haven’t tried

77. Try out disk golf

78. Get a new hobby

79. Make a kaleidoscope

80. Attend a parade

81. Try bird-watching

82. Host a potluck

83. Try water balloon baseball

84. Go to the beach

85. Make an aquarium

86. Make a wreath

87. Try pickling things

88. Go to a minor league baseball game

89. Start a scrapbook

90. Start a new collection

91. Try a new instrument

92. Try making box cars

93. Make macaroni art

94. Work on a huge puzzle

95. Make slime at home

96. Make a large slip-and-slide

97. Try to write a book

98. Take a hammock nap

99. Join a club

100. Remember to have lots of fun

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