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Father and Son Duo Heads to Sparta, Greece

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By: Jair McElveen 

Two Bladen County natives James Purdie and Jameion Purdie head to Sparta, Greece to get their fitness on. They are going to Greece to compete in an obstacle course racing (OCR) competition called the “Spartan Race”. The “Spartan Race” consists of three categories… “the sprint” which is three miles, “the super” which is six miles, and “the beast” which is thirteen and a half miles. When you do all three events that are called “the trifecta”. The “Spartan Race” is a trifecta world championship and it will take place November 4-6, 2022.

Son, Jameion Purdie, who is thirty-seven years old is a retired marine and personal trainer in Cumberland county and he has been racing for a couple of years now. His most recent races were the “Spartan Super 6 mile”, “Fort Bragg ten miler”, and “Fourth of July four-miler”. The “Spartan Race” will be Jameion’s first OCR and he’s pumped for it! He mentioned that he has run “the trifecta” before and he plans on completing his second one in Greece.

Father, James Purdie, who is sixty-four years old, started racing this year. He ran in the “LuMil Wine Run” where he placed fourth with a time of forty-eight minutes. James has also run “the sprint”, “the super”, and in many other events. With him being sixty-four, a lot of his friends tell him that he’s too old to be running, but he says “I know how much I can take and how much I can give out.” Although James is not competing in the “Spartan Race” with his son Jameion he is supporting him 100% all the way and not going to miss out on the opportunity to train in Greece.
I asked them what they do to prepare for events like this and James said “We both do our separate things.” Jameion focuses more on cross-training like strength and speed workouts, while James aims more toward calisthenics like walking and running.

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