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Agencies Rally to Promote Statewide ‘Click It or Ticket’ Seatbelt Campaign

RALEIGH – A statewide ‘Click it or Ticket’ campaign to raise awareness of the dangers of being an unbelted occupant in a vehicle, got underway at the North Carolina State Highway Patrol training track in Raleigh on Monday.

The staged crash involved two Dodge Chargers on a pully system, headed towards each other at about 45 mph.

The two vehicles were totaled.

The staged crash presented by the North Carolina Governor’s Highway Safety Program vividly highlights the dangers of being an unbelted rider in any seat.

“Crashes like this, happen every day across our state, and every single motorist must do their part, to save their own lives and the lives of others around them,” said Governor’s Highway Safety Program Director Mark Ezzell.

Fast facts:

• Unbelted backseat riders become human torpedoes in a collision and a threat to the safety of front seat occupants even if they are wearing their seat belts.

• Unbelted occupants are nearly two times as likely to die in a collision than those wearing their seat belts.

• When crashes happen 52% of unbelted backseat riders are killed.

“This crash today is the perfect controlled example of what our first responders and law enforcement encounter on a daily basis,” said State Highway Patrol Lt. Colonel Vic Ward.

“When crews approach a crash and there is or has been an unbelted occupant involved, the reality is that it’s more likely they’ll be collecting the crash victims remains off of the concrete, rather them giving them a lift home,” continued Ward.

According to the N.C. Division of Motor Vehicles, North Carolina has approximately 7.8 million licensed motorists and over 9.7 million registered vehicles. Last year alone, according to the Department of Insurance, traffic fatalities and serious injuries reaped over $4 billion in insurance claims.

“If North Carolinians were able to keep a fraction of the cash from those claims in their pockets, their lives and our overall economy could be dramatically improved,” said Ezzell. “If drivers could avoid wasting time in traffic because an unbelted driver or passenger exacerbated the results of a crash, that would improve lives.”

In conjunction with the ‘Click It or Ticket’ staged crash, law enforcement agencies around the state are conducting checkpoints at city, county and state borders in a ‘Border 2 Border’ full saturation campaign that will last until nightfall.

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