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By: Gordon Kinlawiphone

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printerPrinter Pro by Readdle – free this WEEK!!!


Go get this app right now before the week ends. I ran across it a couple of days ago and tested it more today. It works great! You don’t need it if you have an air printer but it supports printers on any WIFI, manual IP address printers, airprint, shared printers, and cloud printing.

4 photos


The second screen shot is an explanation screen of how to print using this app from these different areas of the phone.

You can print:

  • Email Attachments
  • iWork documents
  • Web pages
  • Files from other applications
  • Clipboard content
  • Photos
  • Documents on Dropbox and Google Drive- Contacts

The third screen shot shows that there are some advanced options for printing. The fourth screen shot shows that you can make pdf’s from any document.

How to setup  your printers


  1. Open the app and make sure you are connected to the same WIFI as the printer you want toPrinter
  2. Press the “+” button at the bottom left to bring up the printer selection dialog screen.
  3. The printers on your WIFI will show up as well as printers you may have selected previously on another
  4. Select your desired
  5. Press “next step” and the app will ask you to print a test
  6. The next screen will ask you to verify that you printed an acceptable
  7. The next screen is a calibration page where you can adjust the location of the printed page on the I have skipped 6 & 7 every time


If you see your printer show up multiple times on the list, note that it may be a shared printer from one of your computers. My Laserjet 3025 is shared from my Macmini 80 computer as well as available on Bonjour. If you want to delete a printer that you have selected, slide the printer name right on the selection list shown on 1st screen shot.



How to setup your phone (using Printer Pro the first time)screen shot

  1. Pull up a web page in Safari
  2. Select the box with the arrow pointing up at the bottom of the web page
  3. That will bring up the action options available for this
  4. Select the “more” on the second action (my printer pro is already there)





5.  The “more” button will allow you to turn on “print with Printer Pro”select printeractive

6.  When you do this, the Printer Pro button will show up in all of your actions

7. Hit the “done” button to return to the actions menu


8.  Hit the Printer Pro button

9.  On the next screen, select your printer and press the “Print” button at the


It’s a similar routine to print from photos or email. Read the help in the Printer Pro app. This app is far superior to the printer app I’ve had for a couple of years, so I’m ditching it right now.  Remember, that this free app could go away today, so download it now.

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