Marcia deAndrade

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Marcia deAndrade

DUBLIN – Marcia deAndrade has joined the faculty at Bladen Community College as a Nursing Instructor in the Allied Health Programs curriculum.

deAndrade, a native of Elizabethtown, most recently served Harrell’s Christian Academy for eight years as the school nurse. She has worked as a Nursing Clinical Instructor for Sampson Community College, and as a registered nurse for Cape Fear Valley Bladen County Hospital.

She is excited to bring her experiences as a clinical nurse to a student setting on a community college campus. “As a clinical nurse, each patient was different and I constantly had to adapt to what was being presented to me at the time,” explained deAndrade. “Teaching is actually similar as I must adapt my teaching style to various types of learners at the same time.”

deAndrade holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington, and is currently completing coursework for a Master’s degree in Nursing from UNC-W.

Moving from clinical nursing to instructional nursing was a refocus for deAndrade. “I chose the field of nursing for my desire to help people. As I have evolved, I have found the importance of bringing up the next generation of nurses. I want to be a part of providing strong nursing leaders for our community.  I am motivated, as most teachers are for that ‘light bulb’ moment when the student is able to put the pieces together.”

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