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Beck Black’s First Full Album, Hollywood Blvd, is Out Now

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By Cara Beth Lewis 

Beck Black is a local talent, originally from Bladen County – Singer, songwriter, musician, and more. Black has worked hard building her music career, and her latest accomplishment is her newly released album, Hollywood Blvd. 

Hollywood Blvd is Black’s first full album. She stated, “Writing and recording an album is a lengthy process. It literally didn’t happen overnight; It took several years. As a “Do it Yourself” artist, we had to work hard to raise the funds by playing shows.” Thankfully, her hard work has paid off. 

“Beck Black” is both a brand and a band, according to Beck Black herself. She added, “As a trio, I play both bass guitar and bass on two keyboards to create a wall of sound. The guitarist, Mo Matatquin, plays both rhythm and lead on guitar for live shows. Adam Alt, the drummer, ubiquitously rides the tempo and creates flourishing atmospheric beats with rather intricate drum fills.” 

It is easy to see that her music is art, and she is the artist. She is knowledgeable and describes her work with passion. Her dedication is apparent. 

When asked how she hopes this album will affect her career, she said, “I hope this album reaches the attention of major labels for distribution. My dream is to press the album to vinyl, which can cost upwards to $3,000, between pressing and printing. The industry is now a numbers game, so social media is everything. I’m an indie artist with unique music. I’m not quite sure if the songs are considered ‘mainstream’ enough to take notice, but my hope is that I will catch the attention of the viewers reading this article and listeners all over the world streaming the songs via the digital platforms.”

Black also told us about feedback she has received, and radio play. Over the weekend, the album “Hollywood Blvd” was played on FM radio stations from Boston to Kansas City, and from the United Kingdom to Croatia. Additionally, a few stations on iHeart radio have been playing her songs regularly. Black said, “My favorite radio DJ, Rodney Bingenheimer (who discovered David Bowie, the Ramones, the Go Go’s, and Blondie), exclusively aired three of my singles via Sirius XM CH. 21 prior to the release of the album “Hollywood Blvd.” Locally, here in the southeast, Ocracoke Island’s FM Radio station, WOVV, will air me for the fourth consecutive week in a row today! Thus far, I am all over the radio!” 

Currently, Black does not have any shows planned. She hopes to tour Europe and Japan in 2022 and New York City at some point, too. She added, “I will always return to my beloved city of Los Angeles. We just played two sold-out shows in Hollywood to support the release of the title track “Hollywood Blvd” back in June and July.”

Wondering what the album is all about? Here is how Beck Black, the artist behind the music, describes her album: 

  • “Hollywood Blvd is a sonic journey about the glittery glam of Hollywood, illustrated by the lyrics as a road map into the city. Once you are lured in by the drifting blades of helicopters and electric guitar, you enter the mindscape of what it’s like to be there with track two, Puppet Show. From there, the song I wrote with Roland Synth, She’s A Ok, will carry you from the frenetic hustle and bustle of the city streets to the desert with Talk to Me. The gritty desert is painted with guitar licks that swoon into the alternative portion of the album with songs like Lackluster and Dirty Lil Angel. At the zenith of the album, the journey peaks with the cover originally by Joy Division, Transmission. The transmitter frequency transports the listener to a solemn yet uplifting classical melody with Life’s a Circus. The album’s journey ends with the lyrics, “Life is a Circus, stand up for the applause that is at the end.” 

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“Hollywood Blvd”

“Puppet Show”

“She’s a Ok”

“Dirty lil Angel”

“Rock n Roll”

“Lack Luster”


Written and Produced by: Beck Black 

Mastered by: Brian Lucey

(Multi-Grammy award-winning mastering engineer)

Recorded by: Cal Campbell at Glen Campbell’s Studio

Additional Recording & Production  

by: Justin Gariano at TreeHaus Recording

Mixed by: Justin Gariano at TreeHaus Recording 

Vocals: Beck Black 

Synth: Beck Black 

Guitar: Mo Matatquin & Justin Gariano 

Drums: Adam Alt 

Bass Guitar: Beck Black & Justin Gariano 

Recorded in Calabasas, Los Angeles California 

“Talk to Me”

Written by: Beck Black & Tony Valentino 

Produced by: Beck Black 

Recorded by: Jame Musshorn 

Mixed by: James Musshorn 

Mastered by: Brian Lucey

Recorded and Mixed at 

Red Bull Studios in Los Angeles 

Vocals by: Beck Black

Synth by: Beck Black 

Guitar by: Tony Valentino & Mo Matatquin

Drums by: Adam Alt

“Life’s a Circus”

Written & Produced by: Beck Black 

Recorded & Mixed: Jonas Jalhay 

Mastered by: Brian Lucey

Recorded in Downtown LA at Dubway Studios 

Jon Evans (WECT/FOX) News interviewed Black on the Friday when the album “Hollywood Blvd” released.

Life’s a Circus, the music video, premiered on WECT on a Friday. View here:

Here is the album “Hollywood Blvd” by Beck Black

Links to SoundCloud:

Visit Beck Black’s website here: