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Bladen Commissioner Shares Letter from Rev. Mark Harris about 2018 Election

Bladen County Commissioner Ray Britt shared an open letter from Rev. Mark Harris, Candidate for North Carolina’s Ninth Congressional District in the US House of Representatives during the 2018 election.

Below is the open letter submitted from Rev. Harris about the issues he faced during and after the election.

Dear Friend,

If you are like me, you carry a burden for our nation. I see the state of our nation: the dysfunction of our government, the chaotic challenges of a pandemic, the falling away from our churches. In fact, the feeling of frustration begins to set in. As a pastor, I asked myself what I could do to bring some sanity to our great country. After much prayer and deliberation, I realized The Lord was calling me to run for office.

In 2018, I stepped away from the pastorate of First Baptist Church, Charlotte, and filed to run for North Carolina’s Ninth Congressional District in the US House of Representatives. I was blessed to defeat a three-term incumbent in a three-way primary. Then, a well-funded liberal, masquerading as a moderate, became the challenge. Despite all the attacks, and all their money, when the polls closed on Election Night, we had won a seat in the 116th Congress by over 1800 votes.

During my second week of New Member Orientation in Washington, DC, on November 27, 2018, the North Carolina State Board of Elections met to certify the election.  All eight of the counties in NC-9 had completed their canvassing and certified their races with absolutely no complaints or any protests raised.  Yet, after three weeks beyond the election, on Tuesday, Nov 27th, liberal activist on the NCSBE made a motion that the certification of the NC-9 election results be denied, and jurisdiction be maintained by the state board. This activist claimed to have become aware of “some unfortunate things that have gone on in my part of the state…Things that have gone on for years, but I can no longer turn a blind eye to them.” I was in shock, for to my knowledge, we had done everything by the book.

Ultimately, the decision was made to withhold certification. We didn’t what to think, nor did we no what to say. Eventually, the allegation was made that a person who worked for our campaign had violated campaign election laws. The action by the state board that day triggered a series of events that ended up throwing out the votes of over 282,700 North Carolinians living in NC-9, and ordering a “do-over” election. Furthermore, it led to charges against the accused individual who had worked for the campaign, and though he has pled “not guilty,” he has yet (almost two years later) been given his day in court. Unfortunately, for truth and justice, it was not until July of 2020, that it was discovered and reported that cell phone records belonging to the liberal activist, who made the original motion, revealed  serious ethics violations had been committed. You see, he had been in contact with my Democrat opponent in the days and weeks after my election, with texts and calls on Nov 9th, 10th, 18, and even the 25th, just 48 hours before making the motion to withhold certification. Why do I share this with you today?

Millions of Americans in the coming days will cast their votes for President, and for who will represent them at federal, state, and county levels. Unfortunately, we are seeing attempts to change the rules of voting, mail-in ballots, deadlines for returning and counting ballots, and even more disturbing things, by the bureaucrats without any real accountability at all. What was done to me back in 2018 could unfortunately be in store for many races across this country. It was a first time in NC history where a new election was ordered by the board, wherein the number of ballots in question would not have changed the outcome of the race. I know better than most, that as a spiritual leader, we must understand the spiritual warfare that is at work in these days. I will confess, when I stepped into this arena, I did not fully understand the lengths to which people will go to try and destroy another person, their family, and their reputation, The spiritual battle that is being waged right now in our nation makes it abundantly clear that when you are dealing with the issues around the sanctity of life, traditional marriage, and religious freedom, that you are stepping on to the battlefield for which we must be prepared.

Bladen County Commission Chairman Ray Britt understands the battle as well. He himself served on the Bladen County Board of Elections for some fifteen years before running for the County Commission seat he now holds. He has seen the inconsistencies first-hand at the NCSBE, and had sought to make sure that free and fair elections were preserved for the people of Bladen County. When the liberal activists and media decided to target Bladen County, and bring embarrassment to this community, Ray stood in the gap, and didn’t weigh the “political costs” for himself. No, Ray did what he has always done. He stood for what was right and just. He refused to be intimidated by a left-wing media and a “fake-news narrative” being promoted by those who knew there were not enough votes in question to change the outcome of my election for the Congressional seat. Ray, you see, is one of those rare leaders serving in political office who isn’t so concerned about what’s in it for them. He truly wants to do what is in the best interest of all the citizens of Bladen County. I really do hope you will make certain to keep him in this vital role for your county.

I trust God has a purpose and a reason for what we have endured. His Word is clear. He is Sovereign. We can rest in His promises, because we know He has won the victory. Although my opportunity to serve you, and to serve our nation over these last two years did not work out as I had hoped, the Lord has been faithful and has confirmed time and again that I must not step back, but instead keep stepping up, and stand for the biblical truth in our nation in these difficult days. The circumstances of your life may have very well equipped you for such a time as this. May we stand together, and may we be of one voice, one heart, and one Spirit.


Dr. Mark E Harris

Senior Pastor, Trinity Baptist Church, Mooresville, NC

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