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The Bladen County Board of Commissioners has a meeting scheduled for Monday, February 3rd and it is rumored to be well attended by area residents. This afternoon County Manager, Greg Martin, released an updated agenda.

Although attendance is expected to be higher than normal the meeting is still scheduled to be held in the lower level of the Bladen County Courthouse. The courthouse is located at 106 East Broad Street starting at 6:30 p.m..

The item on the agenda receiving the most attention according to many in the area is a request for a resolution. Bladen County resident, Tony Priest, started to gain support earlier this month after requesting a resolution from the Bladen County Commissioners in support of the county being a Second Amendment Sanctuary. This week, Priest started a Petition for Bladen County, NC to become a 2nd Amendment Sanctuary.

The Bladen County Chairman of the Board of Commissioners, Ray Britt did make a statement on the Second Amendment request.

“I respect the Second Amendment of the Constitution of the United States and support what our fore fathers wrote in the second amendment and the rights to bear arms,” Britt said.

“However,” Britt continued, “I also, feel a responsibility to help protect the citizens in Bladen County by keeping the laws in place to protect citizens to prevent someone from carrying firearms in the courthouse.”

A copy of the revised of the  Resolution Declaring Bladen County North Carolina A Constitutional Rights Protected County was given to BladenOnline.com by Mr. Priest this week. Priest will present the resolution to the County Commissioners during the appointed time according to the agenda.

Chairman Britt also issued a statement about the current issues residents are raising about the Bladen County Board of Elections. He said, “I understand the issues Bladen County residents have with the Bladen County Board of Elections, however, we as the Bladen County Board of Commissioners do not handle issues with the elections board.”

The North Carolina State Board of Elections oversees the Bladen County Board of Elections and handles any complaints made against the local board members. The county board of elections members are appointed. The local political parties nominate local appointees to the local elections board, then the nominations are sent to the North Carolina State Board of Elections which then sends the nominees to the North Carolina Governor, Roy Cooper, to be appointed to serve Britt explained.

“Any complaints against the Bladen County Board of Elections needs to be taken up with the North Carolina State Board of Elections,” Britt said.

View the full agenda of Monday’s Board of Commissioners meeting, click here.

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