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The Bladen County Board of Commissioners had a long agenda Monday evening, but moved through the items swiftly. Two baseball teams from Bladen County were recognized for winning the state playoffs in their divisions and for qualifying for the World Series.

The commissioner’s meeting was moved for the first part of the meeting to the Superior Courtroom due to the crowd gathered for the recognitions. The room  was packed with the baseball team members, their coaches, parents and fans. Both teams were given a donation from the County.

The Board of Commissioners stood as they recognized the Elizabethtown AAA (Minors) All Stars. The team’s players are Easton Bostic, Collin Cole, Braylon Cromartie, Joshua Dawson, Tyler Eason, Jaxon Hair, Jayce Hatcher, Brady Marlowe, C. J. McCracken, Fox Sutton, Claxton Tatum, Hunter Wood. The Coaches are  Kyle Bostic, Joseph Hatcher, and Dale Wood.

The entire Board also recognized the Bladen County Dixie Baseball Pre-Majors All Stars. The team’s players are Raymond Autry, Jr., Gabriel Barber, Alex Brisson
Kenneth Brown, Makhi Cromartie, Brandon Fine, Dylan Fine, Tyler Hill, Brady Hollingworth, Zachary Meares, Jacob Priest, Drew Sholar, Kyle Starkloff, Frederick Wooten. The Coaches of the team are  Les Hill and Kendal Kelley.

The commissioners then recognized county employees during the meeting for their years of service.

Natasha Skipworth with Bladen County detention department has served 5 years. Barbara McColl and Carla Smith with DSS both have served 5 years.
Sherry Tatum with DSS has served 15 years. Cynthia Campbell with DSS has served 25 years. Mindie Bowman served 5 years and Jeffrey Brisson has served 10 years with EMS. Delora Lesane with General Services has served 25. Alan Edge with the water department has served 25 years.

There was a reception following the recognition.

Other items addressed during the meeting:
* Mrs. Elizabeth Cole provided an invocation.
* Bladen County Manager, Greg Martin introduced  Nathan Dowless as the new Emergency Services Director.
* Commissioner Dr. Ophelia Munn-Goins addressed the commissioners about two items. First she made a request for the county to supply a sticker or some type of identification so that the employees at the county transfer locations may identify Bladen County residents. The need for the stickers is due to the amount of trash being dumped at the sites from people outside the county, Dr. Munn-Goins explained.
* Secondly, Dr. Munn-Goins read a letter from the Town of East Arcadia about revising minutes to the commissioners May minutes due to an incorrect report that was given.
* Commissioner Arthur Bullock asked about contracting information. Mr. Martin said Mr. Greg Elkins would email the link to the state contracting information to Mr. Bullock.
* Ms. Terri Duncan, Director with Bladen County Health and Human Services brought nine different agreements or contracts for the commissioners to consider. All nine items were approved unanimously.
* Ms. Vicky Smith Director with the Department of Social Services and Ms. Lisa Nance, Income Medicaid Program Manager gave a presentation on the audits and trainings the services have received over the past several months.
* Mrs. Lisa Coleman with the finance department reviewed the Financial Dashboard for the twelve-month period ending June 30, 2019. Mrs. Coleman also presented the banking renewal agreement with First Bank for the commissioners to approve. The agreement was approved unanimously.
* Mr. Greg Elkins with the planning department presented two resolutions for the commissioners to consider adopting. The 2020 Census Partnership Resolution and the Resolution Establishing a 2020 Bladen County Complete Count Committee were accepted unanimously.
* Ms. Renee Davis, Tax Administrator provided an overview of five bids the county received for land. Commissioner Micahael Cogdell made a motion to decline the item B for the $7,400 bid for the .91 acre tract of land, located at 2229 Spring Branch Road in Tar Heel, which carries an assessed tax value of $9,020.  The board voted with Mr. Cogdell unanimously to have the land opened for public sale. The bid for the .24 acre tract of land located on Richardson Street/Peanut Plant Road on item C on the agenda was removed from the agenda.  The property carries an assessed tax value of $7,200, and the County has $6,500 invested. The bid was submitted for $6,500. The bids under the items A, D and E were accepted unaimously.
* Mr. Grant Pait with Bladen County Parks and Recreation provided information regarding the draft Matching Incentive Grant Program. There were several minutes of discussion about the program. You may find the discussion on Part 3 of the County of Bladen’s YouTube video. The motion was not to approve the grant. The motion passed unanimously.
* Water District items:
Mr. Kip McClary with Bladen County General Service provided an overview of a memorandum and test results about GenX Testing. He also presented a request for the commissioners to adopt Resolutions regarding Local Water Supply Plans for Bladen County Water Districts. The commissioners adopted the plans unanimously.
Mr. McClary also reported the county received funds from the Golden Leaf Foundation from a grant the county applied for to cover the cost of five generators the county had to pay for after Hurricane Matthew.
Mr. McClary gave an update on Phase 4: The well site tested recently seems to be a good site, according to McClary. There will be a bid to purchase the property to install the well, however the county is waiting for USDA approval to move forward with the new well site.
* Advisory Boards appointments:
Health and Human Services Agency Advisory Committee has a new board member, Jennifer Maynard was appointed.
Juvenile Crime Prevention Council new appointment was Dr. Ophelia Munn-Goins.
Local Emergency Planning Committee new appointments were Nathan Dowless, Mac Warren, Jennifer Maynard, Tiffany Pait, and Charlotte Smith.
Lumber River Workforce Development Board appointments were tabled.
Tobermory Fire Service District board members were re-appointed.
Next commissioner’s meeting appointments will be for two seats on the Industrial Facilities and Pollution Control Financing Authority board and one for the Recreation Committee.
* County Calendar was discussed for July and August.
* Mr. Martin reviewed the proposed policy and resolution for feedback and direction in reference to the Remote Participation Policy. The commissioners will discuss the matter further at the next meeting.
*The commissioners went into closed session for economic development discussions.
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