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By Charlotte Smith

The Bladen County Board of Elections released the One Stop Voting Statistics this afternoon for August 21 and August 22. Mr. Chris Williams, Interim Deputy Director with the Bladen County Board Of Elections said he would release more information about this Friday and Saturday votes as soon as possible.

At the Bladen County Board of Elections Office in Elizabethtown on August 21 there were 66 actual votes counted, three people updated their registration and their was one provisional ballot submitted according to the report provided by Mr. Williams. At the Tar Heel Site on August 21 there were 21 votes counted

On August 22 at the Bladen County Board of Elections office there were 90 votes and in Tar Heel there were 33 votes. Five people in Elizabethtown and one person in Tar Heel updated their registration according to Mr. Williams’ report. There was one new registration submitted in Tar Heel yesterday as well.

The General election North Carolina’s 9th Congressional District candidates are: Dan McCready (D),  Dan Bishop (R),  Allen Smith  (G), and Jeff Scott  (L), according to ballotpedia.org. You may find out more about each candidate at BallotPedia.org.

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