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By Charlotte Smith

The last Bladen County Board of Elections meeting on June 12 was a called meeting and has many in Bladen County wondering what the next meeting will bring. Some of the items discussed at the last meeting were steps to implement changes to the facility for security and moving the Veteran’s Affairs’ (VA) office to the Bladen County Courthouse. 

Concerns arose during the talks about security and the need for Veterans visiting the VA office to use the Board of Elections’ office bathroom. Commissioner Michael Cogdell was in attendance and suggested moving the VA office to the court house.

Cogdell told those in attendance an office holder on the basement floor of the courthouse could potentially be asked to move to the second floor; opening up an office space for the VA Office. The basement of the Courthouse has a handicapped entrance and a handicapped bathroom for the Veterans.

The Board was told by the commissioner to let the county know if they were interested in moving the VA office to the courthouse.

After the news about moving the VA office was released Larry Hammonds, Director of Bladen County Veteran Affairs was asked about the proposed move. He said, “I have not been contacted at all about moving the Veteran Affairs office, which is a county office.”

“I would be very apprehensive about moving the office because of the stress it may cause my Veterans,” Hammonds added.

No further announcements have been made about the suggested changes to the Bladen County Board of Elections since June. The next regular scheduled meeting is set to take place on Tuesday, July 10 at 2 p.m. at the Board of Elections office. BladenOnline.com will provide more information as soon as it is available.

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