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Bladen County Commissioners Meet for regular session

Bladen County Commissioners move through their agenda in a work-like fashion Monday night, that included numerous items related to the Sheriff’s Department and appointments to various boards and commissions.
One item pulled from the agenda dealt with a contract for the Department of Social Services related to the approval of a Medicaid Transportation Vendor for Non-Emergency Medicaid Transportation.  The item will be added to a Special Budget Meeting agenda set for Monday, June 22.
Sheriff Jim McVicker and Capt. Jeff Singletary ask the board to consider adopting a Resolution to Declare Certain Property surplus.  The Sheriff’s department had numerous weapons that have been confiscated over a period of time.  Capt. Singletary, said the majority are “Saturday Night Specials.”  The purpose of the resolution is to sell them.  Three bids were received.  One for $9,480, another for $11,140 and the high bid was for $13,330 from Lawmen’s Safety Supply, Inc.  Commissioners approved the high bid.
Another request was to approve a Meal Service Agreement with ABL Management, Inc   Three companies were invited to bid, two submitted bids and the low bid received was for $1.72 per meal that included some equipment.  Actually, the bid was a tiered bid, the more meals needed the lower the cost.  And the final request was for Health Services in the jail.  The board approved a contract with  Southern Health Partners, Inc.  The bids are for 2 years.  The last time they were bid out was in 2008.
Lisa Coleman, Bladen County Finance Officer, provided an update on the county financial picture after 11 months of the current fiscal year.  The county has collected 95% of the current year taxes as of May 31st and over 100% of the total annual budget.  She pointed out that the tax office had collected $395,000 more in the current year than at the same time last year. Overall, 85.55% of all budgeted revenues have been collected.  The most notable lower collection rate is in the sales tax area where 75.70% has been collected.  Actually, the state collects the sales tax and sends a check to the county.
Numerous appointments to various boards and committees were made, including:
Ammon Fire Department
Scott Johnson
Carl Whitted
Gary Padgett replaces Dean Hicks who has moved
Animal Control Board
Kelly Brisson
Charlotte Smith
Morris White
Dr. Amby (Vet)
Bladen County Recreation Committee
Cathy Coats
Daniel Peterson
Sarah Ward
Kenneth Daniels
Eastpointe LME Advisory Committee
Emery White
Hickory Grove Fire Service District Committee
Annette Smith
Ricky Johnson
Willis R. Edge
Kelly Fire Service District Committee
Charles E. Ridenhour
Bobby Lee Russ
Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC)
Charles R. Peterson
Jamie Smith
Bradley Kinlaw
Tiffany Pait
Joel Blake
Larry Hayes
Sandra Cain
Kent Allen
Terral Dial
Lumber River Workforce Development Board
Dr. William Findt
Tar Heel Fire Service District Committee
Terry Herring
Jimmy L. Allen, Jr.
Vernon Richardson
Tobermory Fire District Service District Committee
Franklin Davis
White Lake Fire Service District Commission
Cary Hammonds
J.C. Chadwick
Ivy B. (Pedro) Merritt
White Oak Fire Service District Committee
Haywood McKoy
Mike Johnson
Laverne Tatum
In other business, County Manager Greg Martin reported that the inmate labor agreement was in place.  Inmates began work Monday for the county and the Town of Elizabethtown.
The Board approve a letter of support regarding Rock Arch Weirs at Lock and Dam #2 and #3.  The have approved the same type letter over the past 2 or 3 years.
Martin also provided an update on a recent proposal for additional sales tax.  The bill currently being considered will add sales tax to many non-profit organizations that are not now taxed, would allow the county to add another 1/2 cent sales tax, and would change the formula for the current sales tax.  If approved as originally presented Bladen County would realize over $3M in additional revenues.
The board went into executive session to discuss real property purchase and personnel.
There next meeting is a Special Meeting related to the approval of the 2015-2016 budget.  The meeting will be held Monday, June 22 at 6 p.m.
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