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By Erin Smith

The Bladen County Board of Commissioners is scheduled to meet on Monday night and take up several items on the agenda.

The board will be asked to approve the consent agenda. The consent agenda consists of the proposed agenda, minutes of December 3, 2018 Special Meeting, minutes of December 3, 2018 regular meeting, budget amendments, County Attorney Invoices, Tax Releases No. 11-18, independent contractor agreement regarding the interim health and human services agency director and health director, designation of Commissioner Michael Cogdell as voting delegate for at NCACC Legislative Goals Conference and the Board of County Commissioners Rules of Procedure review.

The board will recognize Bladen County Sheriff’s Office Sgt. Rodney Hester and Bladen County Coroner Hubert Kinlaw on their retirement.

Bladen County Schools Superintendent Dr. Robert P. Taylor will present an update regarding a proposed Emergency Shelter Compensation Policy and the board will be asked to consider approving a capital outlay request in the amount of $397,915.08.

Bladen County Emergency Management Director Bradley Kinlaw will present a request for the board to consider approving an agreement for the provision of limited professional services with Chris Holmes, PE & Associates and the Holland Consulting Planners Representative Jessie Miars will also make a presentation.

Bladen County Planning Director Greg Elkins is scheduled to give an update regarding flood damage data collection and substantial flood assessment.

Bladen County Department of Social Services Director Vickie Smith is scheduled to ask the board to consider approving a memorandum of understanding regarding performance measures with the NC Department of Health and Human Services.

Kory Hair will present three items for Animal Control. They are to ask the board to consider declaring donated rabies vaccine as surplus, to consider a reduction of the adoption fee by $10 associated cost of rabies vaccination and to consider declaring dog and cat core vaccine as surplus.

Bladen County Health and Human Services Director Wayne Raynor will ask the board to consider approving a clinical laboratory improvement amendment contract, memorandums of understanding with Bladen County Health Department Collaborative partners, consider approving fees, eligibility and billing policy and procedures, approving a policy and procedure for deterring clinical costs and fees.

Bladen County finance Officer Lisa Coleman will present the financial dashboard.

Bladen County Tax Administrator Renee Davis will ask the board to schedule a special meeting regarding tax matters and ask the board to consider accepting or declining a bid on county owned property.

The board will be asked to consider making several advisory board appointments.

The board also will conduct a close session for personnel matters.

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