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Bladen County property owner, Shane Todd notified BladenOnline.com about Bladen County Sheriff’s Deputy, Corey Thomas, going above the call of duty. Thomas’ fast actions saved property, and quite possibly lives, according to Todd.

Deputy Thomas was on patrol as he road by Todd’s rental property located on Grimsley Farm Road near Bladenboro this week.

“Thompson noticed a fire had started on the porch, and instead of riding by and continuing on his way, he turned around. He then knocked on the door until the two tenants, who were asleep, woke up,” Todd explained.

“They could have died,” Todd exclaimed, “He could have very well saved their lives.”

Thomas also made sure the fire was extinguished which saved the home.

The fire started on the deck due to cigarette butts in a plastic container. The deck did burn complete, but that was the only damage sustained due to the quick responses from Thomas and the Bladenboro Fire Department, according to Todd’s report. There were no injuries.

Todd said, “I’m thoroughly grateful for Thomas and his actions.”

The National Park Service offers seven tips to smokers to help prevent fires. They are as follows:

  • If you smoke, smoke outside. Most home fires caused by smoking materials start inside the home. When you smoke outside, discard cigarettes and ashes in an unburnable (and unmeltable) can be filled with sand and never throw cigarettes on the ground.
  • Wherever you smoke, use deep, sturdy ashtrays with a wide, stable base that is difficult to tip over and set ashtrays on something sturdy and difficult to ignite, such as a table.
  • Make sure cigarettes and ashes are out before throwing them in the trash can. Soak cigarette butts and ashes in water before throwing them away. Never toss hot cigarette butts or ashes in the trash.
  • Check for butts. Chairs and sofas can catch fire fast and burn fast. Don’t set ashtrays on them.
  • Never smoke in bed! To prevent a deadly fire, put your cigarette out before you go to bed.
  • Never smoke where oxygen is used (even if it is turned off). Oxygen can be explosive and makes fire burn hotter and faster.
  • Fire-safe cigarettes are less likely to cause a fire. These cigarettes have banded paper that can slow the burn of a cigarette that isn’t being used.