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By Charlotte Smith

At the Bladen County Firefighters Association meeting held this month at the Emergency Services Training facility, firefighters were trained on responding to accidents involving trucks hauling hazardous materials. 

Fire Chief Dale Brennan said, “It was a really good training.”

Bull Shaw with Wolfpack Transportation provided the training. His reasoning for offering the class “is because there are so many trucks running hazardous material through the county, god forbid, an accident happens, first responders will know how to handle the situation.”

Volunteer firefighters were taught where cut-off valves are on gas tankers and LP tankers with the hands-on course Shaw led. 

“What he did might save some first responders’ life,” Brennan stated.

“I think it was a hit,” Shaw said, “We will do more training to ensure the safety of our first responders.” 

For more information, contact Shaw by calling, 910-874-4233.