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Bladen County GOP Club Monthly Meeting


Bladen County Republicans agreed at this month’s GOP Club meeting that Progressives and liberals within the Democrat Party have engaged in a relentless attack on America, pushing countless policies that incorporate Leftist ideology and violate individual rights.  On issue after issue, it is clear that the Federal government, under the previous White House administration, completely disregarded the Constitution’s limits on Federal power, and imposed countless, illegal executive actions on the entire nation.  It is notable that, since assuming the White House in January, President Donald Trump has rolled back, or eliminated entirely, scores of illegal administrative actions.

However, GOP club members note that the attacks and the aggressive rhetoric from the Left has only increased against President Trump, and members agreed that, now more than ever, it is important for citizen voters to understand why it is so important to become a constitutionally conservative Republican. There is an urgent sense of patriotism which is being lost on citizens across the nation, and the cause for it is rooted in the disconnect between our modern-day culture, our media, and the education of our young people over the last 40 years. Simply put, they don’t get it. They don’t know what liberty costs. They can’t identify between what is ‘good’ and what is right. They have no sense of what “exceptionalism” means. They don’t know how history got us to where we are today, and why the bloody path thru the American Revolution was worth it. It boils down to a matter of effective communication, and Bladen County Republicans are out to change that. Club members are working on expanding the resources and the media exposure of the Republican Club’s message, using venues such as new websites, facebook, Twitter, and public media, to challenge the Democrat stranglehold on Bladen County. Given the chaotic disorder, lack of focus on a unifying message, and the rampant corruption within their organization, there is no longer any justification for being a Democrat.

Club members also heard from Superior Court Judge Andrew Heath, who is mounting a campaign for the North Carolina Court of Appeals. An articulate and well-accomplished jurist, Judge Heath spoke to several members about some of the upcoming challenges facing the North Carolina appeals court, and why he felt he was imminently qualified to sit on that court. Judge Heath has also served North Carolina as a former State Budget Director, and is a former Industrial Commission Chairman as well. More information about him and his campaign can be found at:

It is clear to right-thinking constitutional conservatives that there are divisive forces within the Washington establishment, the mainstream media, and an entrenched, liberal/Progressive bureaucracy that will stop at nothing to oppose the President at every turn, and diminish our American exceptionalism! We need your voice, and invite all concerned citizens to attend our monthly meetings, which meets on the 4th Monday of each month, at 6PM, at the San Jose Restaurant in Elizabethtown. For more info, see us on Facebook at: BladenGOP, or contact us at:

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