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  • 4:55 pm Middle School Teachers Get Hands-On Experience in STEM Careers
  • 4:54 pm Governor’s Early Childhood Advisory Council Members Call on North Carolina to Expand Medicaid
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  • 3:18 pm Charter Day School Kindergarteners Celebrate Learning to Read
  • 3:14 pm Residents express anger, ask questions about White Oak Dike repairs

When the growing and reinvigorated Bladen County Republican Club recently met for their monthly meeting, it was clear that Bladen County Republicans are not content to rest on the laurels of recent election victories. Several members noted that, while it is heartening that Republicans are renewing their outreach within Bladen County, it was observed that national polls which generally reflect this area as a Democrat stronghold are likely incorrect, and that Republicans are putting themselves and their party at a disadvantage by not specifically registering as Republican.

In fact, many residents in the county are only registered as ‘Unaffiliated’, which means that when it comes to voting on issues that involve Republicans at district and state level meetings, we have a far less representative voice. While the Republican Party has been making great strides in increasing membership locally and nationally, more can, and should be done, to improve our position with voters and candidates. Encouraging voters to change their registration from ‘Unaffiliated’ to ‘Republican’ will provide a significant boost toward strengthening the conservative voice in America’s politics.

Members also uniformly agreed that there is a massive amount of misinformation, and blatant disinformation, thru-out the mainstream news media about the principles of constitutional conservatism.  It was observed that this past Presidential election seemed to have encouraged a renewed allegiance to our nation’s founding principles, and generated a renewed respect for the constitution’s limits on Federal authority. Thus, on the local level, club members are committed to becoming more effective voices for conservatism, and for the more responsible leadership represented by the Republican Party.

The Bladen County Republican Club invites our conservative and concerned citizenry to attend our monthly meetings, which now meets on the 3rd Monday at 6:00 p.m., at the San Jose Restaurant in Elizabethtown. We need your voice! For more information about the Bladen County GOP Club, contact: bladengop.secretary@gmail.com, or access its facebook profile at ‘Bladen County GOP’.