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On Thursday, March 25, (31) inmates at the Bladen County Detention Center elected to receive the COVID-19 (coronavirus) vaccine as well as (7) employees. They are scheduled to receive the second vaccine in approximately (28) days. The Bladen County Health Department and Dr. Terri Duncan were able to provide the vaccine as well as the staff to administer the vaccine for the inmates.

Other employees have received the vaccine over the past several months as vaccines were available.

The numbers of Coronavirus cases at the Bladen County Detention Center have been relatively low, considering the number of inmates that come through the facility. On any given day, the average population at the center is approximately 120 inmates. About 40 of those inmates are in local confinement awaiting trial or serving a local sentence.

The other 80 inmates are federal inmates being housed for the United States Marshall’s Service.

“We go to great lengths to protect the jail population from the Coronavirus,” said Captain David Shaw, who is the Jail Administrator. When inmates first come into the facility, they are quarantined for (14) days from other inmates.

Since last July, the jail has only had 11 inmates who tested for the coronavirus said, Shaw.

“I am proud of the protocols and personal protection that we have put in place for our employees and inmates here at the Sheriff’s Office and Detention Center said, Sheriff Jim McVicker.