Bladen County
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Bladen County is listed as North Carolina’s most favorable for cost of living in 2022 by SmartAsset, a web site that covers consumer financial information.

According to SmartAsset, Bladen County’s cost of live is $33,873 and the per capital income is $39,264 for a cost of living index of 89.61%

The study, according to the web site, identifies the places where average living expenses are most affordable for the people living there. To find these places, SmartAsset measured the cost of living relative to income to determine the purchasing power in each county. The study calculates two different cost of living metrics for a household with one adult and no dependents. The top locations were those with the highest per capita income relative to the cost of living.

Rankings for nearby counties were:

• Robeson: Ranked 11th. Cost of living $34,580. Per capita income: $33,062.
• Sampson: Ranked 12th. Cost of living: $34,597. Per capita income: $38,165.
• Columbus: Ranked 14th. Cost of living: $34,672. Per capita income: $37,112
• Pender: Ranked 50th. Cost of living: $36,452. Per capita income: $41,292.
• Cumberland: Ranked 79th. Cost of living: $37,950. Per capita income: $42,992.

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