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Bladen County officals thankful after Hurricane Dorian leaves town

By Charlotte Smith

Hurricane Dorian dropped some rain and heavy winds on Bladen County, but officials are pleased to report there was not much damage to the communities.  The Bladen County Emergency Services Center met this morning to survey the damage.

According to the center, Kelly received seven inches of rain, Bladenboro received four inches of rain and Clarkton received three inches of rain during the storm.

“The shelters are getting ready to close and we are sending our assets to other places to help out others,” Charles Ray Peterson, Chairman of the Board of Bladen County Commissioners said.

“There were about nine churches that met in Kelly Sunday and prayed. The good Lord looked out for us and spared us,” Peterson added.

“Nathan Dowless did a great job,” Peterson, said about the newly hired Emergency Services Director.

Mr. Dowless said he was thankful for all the emergency first responders.

He said, “Those guys, anytime there is a storm or anything like that, they go above and beyond their call of duty. They take time off their off their jobs to help not only my office, but the county’s perspective and we appreciate that.”

There were fire, water rescue and other strike teams strategically placed in Bladen County, according to Mr. Dowless. White Lake Fire Chief Dale Brenan said the strike team from Murphy was housed at his department.

“I have to say the State of North Carolina Fire Marshal Office has done an awesome job since 2016 staging people, Cheif Brenan said.

He added, “Starting with Hurricane Matthew there have been a lot of improvements.”

Yesterday, Mr. Dowless announced there was damage to the roof at the Kelly Historical Museum due to strong winds. The storm did cause some wind damage, some power outages and debris.

The Bladen County Disaster Recovery Team wants to remind Bladen County homeowners impacted by Hurricane Dorian to please take photos of (new and additional) roof damage, water lines, home and property damage to help with assistance eligibility requirements.

Video taken yesterday of storm and interview with Mr. Nathan Dowless.

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