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Bladen County preparing for Hurricane Florence

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By Erin Smith

Residents of Bladen County are busy today (Wednesday) making final preparations for the arrival of Hurricane Florence. The Category 4 Major Hurricane is taking aim at the Carolina coast while an exact landfall location is still unknown, the storm has taken a slightly southward turn.

Homeowners and businesses across Bladen County were busy boarding up windows and taking necessary precautions against wind damage and possible flooding. Boarding up windows helps to protect them from damage due to flying debris in the storm.

Many folks have also been busy stocking up on generators and water. For those who are still needing to board up windows or purchase a generator, check with your local hardware stores. Many local hardware stores can help you with your final storm preparation needs.

Those who are still needing to purchase bottled water or other non-perishable food items, not only do the grocery stores carry such items but hardware stores carry bottled water. Some area drug stores and convenience stores also carry bottled water and camping supplies such as non-perishable foods.

The local gas companies were also busy preparing for the storm. Gas company employees along with truck drivers and linemen are getting prepared to assist residents once the storm passes.

The US Post Office has been getting prepared for the storm as well. Postal workers have been covering their mail deposit boxes in preparation for the storm as well.