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Bladen County Public Library Invites You to Join Friends of the Library Group

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By Cara Beth Lewis

“Friends of the Library” is a national organization. Local libraries all over the country have groups for library-lovers who fundraise, host events, sponsor programs, and more for their library. Bladen County Library has announced that they are starting a Friends of the Library group, and YOU are invited!

The new Friends of the Library group will meet for the first time on Monday, December 13th in the meeting room of Bladen County Public Library of Elizabethtown. To join the group, simply attend the meeting.

Bladen County Library Director Sheila Nance told BladenOnline, “Basically, this group will volunteer and fundraise for all of the Bladen County library branches. Members can advocate for their library socially, politically, and financially.”

The libraries of Bladen County work hard to offer community members many opportunities to engage and become involved, and it is all for the betterment of the community. The work of Friends of the Library will help all of Bladen County’s library branches to continue to offer more and more. Nance added, “We have a plethora of ideas for programming and site upgrades that would benefit our patrons. The Friends group can contribute bountifully through their united efforts.”

According to, “These amazing groups of people are quite literally the greatest friends of the library in their community. As local governments have shifted the amount of support and funding that is given to libraries, Friends of the Library groups have become essential to the success and growth of local library systems.”

Libraries are vital to their communities. Many people rely on libraries for resources, knowledge, relaxing, fellowship, socialization, and more. Without libraries, many people would be underserved.

Lastly, Nance said, “I am so excited to see what our stakeholders can do when they come together. It is going to be great!”