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Bladen County Retired School Personnel Honored and Celebrated

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On Tuesday, May 31, 2022, the Bladen County Retired School Personnel honored and celebrated members who retired from Bladen County Schools this year.  Dr. Patricia Faulk, president of the retired educators division, presented Mrs. Gail Marsh with a retirement gift for her dedication to the field of education and many years of service.

Mrs. Marsh expressed how much she enjoyed working with her colleagues and students. She always kept in mind that no student and no person was better than the next.   She prayed everyday to help her get through her work day.  Although she is retired now, Mrs. Marsh said she finds ways to keep herself busy.

Ms. Jennifer Keyser, who is not shown, also retired from Bladen County Schools as a member.

Areda Rogers, Vice President of the Bladen County Association of Educators, honored the scholarship recipients.   Shaquanna Kemp, who attends East Bladen High School and Dalton Davis, who attends West Bladen High School, were selected for the scholarships this year.  Shaquanna shared that she applied to nine schools and was accepted to all of them.  She is undecided on which school she will attend, but she definitely knows she wants to be a nurse. Dalton plans to attend Bladen Community College and then transfer to a four year university.  Dalton is deciding on whether or not he will pursue a career in the medical field or practice law.

Bladen County Association of Educators dedicates this wonderful event to Dr. Antonia Beatty,  who was a member of the organization for 28 years and supported BCAE one hundred percent.  Her unwavering presence was felt as we celebrated the wonderful milestones that would have made her proud.
Congratulations to our BCAE retirees and scholarship recipients.