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DUBLIN – Construction of a roundabout will begin Monday morning, requiring a highway junction to close until next summer.

Workers for BMCO Construction of Lumberton will construct the roundabout where N.C. 41 and N.C. 410 intersect south of Dublin. For the safety of workers and the traveling public, as well as to speed up the project, the intersection will close until the roundabout is completed by next June.

People on N.C. 410 will be detoured onto Pleasant Grove Church Road, then onto Center Road to reach either N.C. 41 or continue on to N.C. 410. Northbound drivers on N.C. 41 will turn right onto N.C. 131, then left onto Center Road to complete their destination. Southbound motorists will turn left onto Center Road to reach N.C. 410 – or stay on Center Road, then turn right onto N.C. 131 to continue on to N.C. 41. Detour signs mark the route.

The N.C. Department of Transportation made the intersection into an all-way stop a few years ago, after a traffic analysis showed a high number of drivers on N.C. 410 were pulling into the path of those on N.C. 41, which did not have to stop. According to that analysis, almost 60 percent of the 31 crashes in the five-year review period involved angled collisions, sometimes referred to as T-bone crashes.

Although the all-way stop has reduced crashes, the department is building a roundabout to further improve the location’s safety and traffic flow and plan for future traffic growth.

The department awarded the nearly $1.76 million contract in April. A short video at the top of this NCDOT page shows how people navigate a roundabout.

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