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Update: Bladen County Sheriff’s Office Promotional Ceremony held on November 12

The Bladen County Sheriff’s Office held a Promotional Ceremony in the morning on Tuesday, November 12th at the Bladen County Sheriff’s Office located at 299 Smith Circle in Elizabethtown. Sheriff Jim McVicker welcomed the friends and family of law enforcement being honored.

Photos by Kendal Yates

Captain Jeff Tyler lead the audience in the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag and Chaplain Warren Hill gave an invocation. The Honorable Judge Giles R. Clark was present to administer the oath of office to each newly promoted law enforcement officer.

The promotions given were as follows:

Mac Warner to Major
Daniel Wilkins to first Sergeant
Joshua Pittman to Sergeant
Dominique David to Sergeant
Chad Britt to Corporal
Jennifer Popynick to Corporal
Daniel Miller to Corporal
Travis Deaver to Detective

Sheriff McVicker stated, “We are very proud of all of our officers and we are thankful to have them as part of our family at Bladen County Sheriff’s Office.”

As Major Warner’s first duty under his new title he awarded Corporal Britt with the Intermediate Law Enforcement Certificate.

First Sgt. Richard Allen gave out commendations to seven staff members for going above and beyond the call of duty. They are as follows:

Captain Andrew Powell

Telecommunicator Patti Yandle

Detective Chris Brisson

Detective Dustin Melvin

Detective Shawn Gibson

Corporal Joshua Pittman

Deputy Kory Bryant

Sheriff McVicker congratulated Rev. Hill for receiving the Ottos F. Jones for Excellence in Law Enforcement. Rev. Hill was presented the award at the October 2019 Chaplains Association meeting in Davidson County. The award in recognition of Chaplains that go above and beyond for their local agencies, according to the Sheriff’s Office.

Rev. Warren Hill

“Rev. Hill is one of the finest men I know and we are a better department because of his work with us,” McVicker said. He greets everyone every morning and goes above and beyond, the Sheriff added. Rev. Warren provides Chaplain services to both Bladen and Columbus County Sheriff’s Offices.

Detective Bullard

On the morning of October 31 the Sheriff’s Office celebrated the career of Investigator Greg Bullard. Investigator Bullard served the citizens of Bladen for 15 years. He gave his best everyday. Our county is safer because of his hard work and dedication, was the theme of the retirement ceremony. Detective Jeff Tyler presented Detective Bullard with a plaque the day of his retirement.

Then today, Sheriff McVicker presented Detective Tyler a framed photo of three old dogs stating he would be the last to retire of the three seasoned detectives. Detectives Larry Guyton and Greg Bullard retired in September and October. Detective Tyler will all be retiring in the near future.

When first published staff had First Sgt. Richard Allen listed under the title of Captain. This was an error on our part. We have corrected the article to reflect First Sgt. Allen’s correct title. 

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