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Photo above was presented by Mary Susan Baggett, BA, QMHP, CDP in a recent webinar.

By Charlotte Smith

Dr. Cathy Gantz, Coordinator of Bladen County Substance Misuse Task Force with Bladen County Health and Human Services, announced that the public is invited to participate in today’s task force meeting by joining the Citizen Café. 

The meeting will be held from 6:00 pm until 8:00 pm, in-person at Bladen Community College Auditorium, Building 9. Fountainworks will facilitate the discussion. 

The goal of this session is to focus on the priorities of our community across six focus areas. The focus areas include Environment and Agriculture, Healthy Community, Quality Education, Prosperous Economy, Safe and Prepared Community, and Community Infrastructure, Housing, and Transit. 

Dr. Gantz added, “Please know Bladen County will be receiving a substantial amount of money from the Opioid Law Suit to be used to enhance our community, and we need your input.”

Below is the Zoom link to the meeting for persons who may not attend the task force meeting in person. 


In addition to encouraging the public to attend the citizen’s discussion today, Dr. Gantz encouraged task force members to participate in a free one-hour webinar opportunity held on October 19, 2021. Task Force members and health care providers discussed substance addiction, the recovery journey, and the recently trendy idea of being ‘California Sober’.

The Presenter of the webinar, Mary Susan Baggett, BA, QMHP, CDP explained substance misuse, what addiction is, negitive consequences of substance misuse, reasons why people misuse substances, the scope of the problem, impact to misuse for older adults, what recovery is treatment methods, and what ‘California Sober’ refers to for people struggling with substance misuse. 

According to Baggett, “California sober is a slang term that typically refers to people who abstain from heavier drug use and only use marijuana, although some will incorporate psychedelics..”

View the slides below for more information about Substance Misuse covered in the webinar. 

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If you or someone you know needs assistance with substance misuse, help is available. Below are some resources anyone may take advantage of for assistance with substance misuse.