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Bladen County To Add 472 Area Code To Current 910

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A new area code is coming to Bladen County. However, phone numbers currently using the 910 area code will not have to change.

The overlay will mean that ten-digit dialing will be necessary for local calls since the same seven-digit number could be used in separate area codes within the same region.

The N.C. Utilities Commission announced earlier this year approval of the 472 area code that will overlay the existing 910 area code. The plan for implementation was Feb. 28, 2023. Now, because all 910 area code numbers are expected to be used by late this year, assignment of the 472 area code will begin Oct. 7 when request for new service or an additional line is made.

The 910/472 area code overlay will be the fourth used in the state. The Charlotte area uses 704/980, the Greensboro region uses 336/473 and the Triangle around Raleigh uses 919/984.

Bladen County was in the 919 area code until 1993 when the 910 area code was created from the Triangle region because of numbers being exhausted in the 919 area. An overlay prevents having to divide an area into separate area codes.

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