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By Erin Smith

For first responders, vehicles are an important part of the life saving effort as they carry equipment, tow equipment and provide transportation for victims as well as first responders.

The Bladen County Water Rescue Squad 75 received a donation of a 1999 Chevrolet Suburban on Wednesday morning. The vehicle was donated to the Water Rescue team by the Lisbon Volunteer Fire Department.

Ken Clark, with the Lisbon Volunteer Fire Department said, “Our board decided to donate it to them because it was an asset in the county and we wanted it to stay in the county.”

Clark said the members of the Lisbon Volunteer Fire Department have been discussing the possibility of donating the Suburban for about a year. The timing of the donation was right, as well.

Clark said, “We just got a new First Responders vehicle at the Lisbon Volunteer Fire Department.”

The members of Bladen County Water Rescue Squad 75 are excited, as well. Wiley Autry, the Chief of Bladen County Water Rescue, said of the donation, “It’s just wonderful.

We’ve got an older Suburban and it’s just about on its last legs. This one will be an asset to us.”

The Suburban will be replacing a 1980s model Suburban the Bladen County Water Rescue team has been using for a number of years.

Bladen County Water Rescue Squad 75 member Lee Cain said, “We were in desperate need for one. I think it’s great to get it from another department in the county. It’s going to help the whole county.”

Chief Autry noted that Bladen County Water Rescue Squad 75 responds to calls anywhere in Bladen County and in neighboring counties. The new Suburban will make responding to those calls easier.

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