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Hurricane Florence Series: Bladen Disaster Recovering Team fundraising to make a difference

By Charlotte Smith

The Bladen Disaster Recovery Team has heard the cries of local hurricane victims for months now. The newly organized group is striving to make a difference and meet the needs of those in Bladen County devastated by Hurricane Florence.

A new fundraising effort was started on Monday, March 19 at noon through Community Thrives. The goal for Bladen Disaster Recovery Team is to raise $10,000 by April 14 through the online campaign. The funds raised will be used to assist hurricane victims in Bladen County.

The organizers of the fundraiser want to remind supporters, “When you give, you are doing more than giving money, you’re restoring hope to families affected by Hurricane Florence. ”

One of the Bladen County storm victims explained the devastation well by saying, “You work hard all of your life to have something and all of a sudden, its gone.”

If you would like to donate to the Bladen Disaster Recovery Team visit the CrowdRise website now.

Numerous Bladen County residents are still displaced and/or struggling from the damages received from Hurricane Florence in 2018.

Bladen Disaster Recovery Team is dedicated to assisting hurricane victims in Bladen County. The group has already repaired homes, connected residents with resources, and much more.

The Community Thrives explains the campaign as a friendly fundraising competition, sponsored by the USA TODAY NETWORK where charities dedicated to community building compete to raise the most money with the top teams being awarded grants to fund their organization.

The Bladen Disaster Relief Team is made up of members from many different non-profit, volunteer, government and religious organizations. The Board members are Pastor Jason Williams, Rev. David Foster, Rev. Darrell Copeland, and Mrs. Lauren Womble Thomas.

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