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By: Jair McElveen

West Bladen High School Student-Athlete Andre Moore takes the spotlight this week, showcasing his high school journey. Andre Moore is a dedicated and hardworking scholar who has gone through high school with a focus on sports and a clear vision for his future.

Looking back over the years at West Bladen High School, Andre recalls his most memorable being sports. Andre has played basketball all four years at West Bladen High School and has enjoyed every second. Andre is grateful for the long practices, big game days, and the bond with his teammates, which has shaped him into the person he is today. Andre’s passion for basketball has been apparent throughout his high school years, where he has dedicated himself to becoming better each day.

After June 7th, Andre will officially graduate from West Bladen High School and begin a new chapter of his life. Andre plans to attend Bladen Community College to further his education and pursue a career as an Electrician. When asked what influenced this decision, Andre answered, “My Dad, Jamar Moore. He went into this field when he was younger, and that really influenced me.”

With his father as his guiding light, Andre has a great support system and huge plans for his future as an electrician. When asked about his goals for the future, Andre’s response was simple but extremely clever. He said, “I just plan on being successful, and I plan on doing this by working hard and studying.” Andre also plans to give back to the community and inspire others along the way.

The words of wisdom Andre leaves behind for underclassmen and incoming freshmen are: “Work hard because it will be worth it in the end.” As Andre begins to set off on his new journey, he anticipates the challenge of living on his own. However, he plans to overcome this obstacle by simply using his advice to “work hard.”

In sharing his story and plans for the future, Andre hopes to inspire others to go after their dreams, even if that means taking a less conventional path. He says that most of the time, “Everybody looks at four-year schools, and not a lot of people look at going to trade school or community college.”

As Andre goes forth with life outside of high school, he wants everyone to be reminded of the many alternative routes to success and that there are no limits to success.

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