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Bladen shows off new law enforcement center with Glamour in the Slammer event

By Erin Smith

Bladen County proudly showed off their new Law Enforcement and Detention Center on Tuesday afternoon by conducting a Glamour in the Slammer event. The well attended event was a fundraiser for Bladen We Care.

Bladen County Sheriff’s Office Major Larry Guyton said, “We thought it would be a good way of raising money for Bladen We Care.”

He said the event also served the purpose of a training exercise for Sheriff’s Office employees. As part of the event, participants were given tours of the new detention facility and staff members were able to take part in moving people around inside the facility.

The new detention facility can house up to 230 inmates, said Guyton. The kitchen facility can prepare meals for up to 500 inmates.

Guyton said the county spent $90,000 last year on housing inmates outside of the county.

Those taking part in the event included elected officials, judges, county and municipal employees.

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