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Bladen Women’s Health Specialists and Kid’s Care awarded Mother-Baby Award for Outpatient Healthcare Clinics

Bladen Women’s Health Specialists and Kid’s Care were recently awarded the Mother-Baby Award for Outpatient Healthcare Clinics. The recipients of this award represent the best our state has to offer in terms of support for the breastfeeding family.

Machelle Williams with the North Carolina Breastfeeding Coalition presented the award. She said that on average, about 80% of mothers wish to initiate breastfeeding, but at 6 months, only 30% or less are exclusively breastfeeding.  60% of mothers report that they did not meet their breastfeeding goals.  Over half of moms want to breastfeed, but have difficulties- and face unsupportive communities.  

“We are so thankful that these clinics have achieved this award- it lets the community know that this is a breastfeeding supportive healthcare facility.  A supportive medical provider has a huge influence on whether or not a mother can meet her goals- especially in rural areas”, said Ms. Jones.

If anyone would like to reach out to Machelle for any help at all or to learn of breastfeeding resources, she can be reached at  910-228-2052 or

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