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Bladenboro Town Hall

By Erin Smith

The Bladenboro Town Council met on Monday night and discussed the mold remediation efforts at the police department building.

When asked about the condition of the mold in the building, Town Administrator Blake Proctor said there was actually very little mold found. “It’s not that bad. There was a lot less upstairs than we expected,” said Proctor.

Proctor said in the downstairs, there was very little mold found with the exception of a small amount found against the north facing wall of the building.

Proctor said the board approved a contract with Alan Klein Mold Remediation of Harrells for $2,485.

He said in the January meeting, the board voted to approve an agreement with Calvary Church for $700 per month to rent the medical space beside the police department temporarily. Proctor said the church had purchased the medical building and has agreed to allow the town to utilize the building while the police department building undergoes repairs.  In addition to the mold remediation, the town plans to make other necessary repairs to the police department building as well, according to Proctor.

In other business, the town received an update regarding the Bryant Swamp Drainage District Clean Up. Proctor said the town is considering going to bid and piggy backing off of Bladen County’s Bryant Swamp project.

Currently, Proctor said he is working on the contract to be signed by the bid winner and the specifications for the project. The town currently has $126,720 for clean up of the main canal and another $20,700 for the clean up of Wateree Creek.

He said the town may or may not have the funds necessary to clean up the laterals. Proctor said he has spoken to Golden Leaf Foundation and others trying to learn what types of funds may be available to assist the town in further clean up of the Bryant Swamp Drainage System.

Proctor said the town’s funds will allow for the removal of mud and sludge from the canals as well as snag and drag. He explained the funds Bladen County is utilizing for their work is for snag and drag only.

The board also heard a presentation of results of the Drinking Water & Wastewater Asset Management Plans by Jean Klein and Jim Perry with Lumber River Council of Governments. Following the presentation, the board voted to approve a resolution accepting and adopting the results of the asset management plan for the drinking water system  and a resolution accepting and adopting the results of the asset management plan for the wastewater system.

The board also approved the purchase of a used SUV for the police department.