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Bladenboro Council approves rental of depot building for new business

By: Erin Smith

BboroDepotRentThe Bladenboro Town Council met on Monday night and discussed the rental of the Depot Building to Christina Jayne.

Jayne is preparing to open a nail salon in the building but there are some upgrades and repairs that need to be made before she can open.

“I can’t have carpet. I have to put some type of laminate and I have to add hot water to the building. Nothing wrong with the building itself,” said Jayne. “I would love the opportunity to show you what I can do for this town.”

Town Administrator John O’Daniel said,  “I think we (the town) can manage the hot water heater.”

Jayne also told the board that the building needs another heat source. Currently, the building has a propane heater attached to the wall. Jayne said that the processes used in the nail salon call for the use of acetone and she did not think the propane heater on the wall and the acetone were a good mix. She offered to change the heat source at her expense. 

A motion was made and seconded that to approve the rental of the depot with the stipulations that the town install the hot water heater and that any additional plumbing or electrical wiring be done by a licensed professional.

Councilman Billy Ray Benson said, “I’d rather see the town do what she is being asked to do to get the facility ready for business.”

After further discussion the board approved the original motion.

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