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BladenOnline numbers down slightly…still strong

By: Robert G. Hester Facebook LogoThe BladenOnline weekly report for July 26-August 1 slipped slightly, but still strong.
Pages Viewed totaled 89,100 and visits totaled 18,453 with 8,461 users.  All were down slightly from the previous week.  The previous week BladenOnline had 96,585 views, 19,363 visits and 9,203 users.  However, the numbers were in-line with the previous week of July 12-18.
All are very good numbers for summertime when our readers are on the go.  Our stats normally increase when school is in session.
Our breakdown indicates our desktop views totaled 52,680, mobile were 24,727 and tablet totals were 11,693.
Our total Facebook referrals and Twitter session totals followed the same trend..down from last week but about the same as the previous week.
Our most read articles included:
3,624: Father found guilty of first degree sexual offense.
2,410: McVicker announces arrest of two individuals wanted on multiple charges.
1,135: Kirby van is not trying to sell vacuums (a surprise how this article is constantly checked)
Our next several most read articles included reports of the West Bladen World Series games, and another article related to ALE and Bladen County Sheriff raid of illegal nightclub in Bladen County.
We notched our highest daily numbers on Friday with 19,056 views, followed by Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Monday, Saturday and Sunday.
The long and short of the report provided by Google Analytics is, BladenOnline posted strong numbers….again.
We appreciate your support…We cover Bladen County news for Bladen County readers by Bladen County residents and we enjoy what we do.  We encourage you to shop with our advertisers.  They are very important as we provide this service to all at no cost to our readers.
And a reminder…..The Best Is Yet To Come.
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