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by Bladen County Schools

At their April meeting, the Bladen County Schools Board of Education approved the 2021-2022 projected budget proposal submitted by BCS Finance Officer Susan Harrison. View the budget proposal here.

The proposal will now head to the Bladen County Commissioners for their approval. NC General Statute requires that the recommended proposed budget must be given to the county commissioners no later than June 1 and the governing board must enact the budget ordinance by July 1, when the fiscal year begins.

North Carolina public school district’s proposed budgets adhere to the Governor’s recommended budget. You can read the NC Governor’s full recommended budget HERE. (page 10 of the budget specifically addresses your questions.)

Succinctly, the Governor’s recommendations are to provide a 7.5% salary increase for central office and non-certified staff. The state is also proposing increasing both the retirement and the hospitalization rates of all school employees by 1.5% each – for a total of 3%; school districts are responsible for paying increases from local funds.

“Funds a 10% increase in the Principal salary schedule and a 7.5% increase for Central Office and noncertified public school employees. Provides funds to implement a $15/hour minimum wage for non-certified, public school employees such as teaching assistants, school nutrition employees, and bus drivers. Provides bonuses for teachers, principals, non-certified public school employees, university employees, and state-funded local community college employees. Includes a $2,000 bonus for those employees in the current fiscal year and $1,000 bonuses in each year of the biennium.”

Teacher salaries are paid from state, not local budgets, and any proposed salary increases would be included in the Governor’s recommended budget.

Overall, the total proposed budget salary increase for BCS is 10.5%. Additionally, as part of their contract, a Superintendent shall be entitled to any other benefits and supplements, provided to twelve-month professional employees of the Board by state law, or regulation, and be entitled to receive annual salary increases as paid to other certified professional employees.

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