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Board of Elections Adding Pledge of Allegiance to Agenda, Easier Said Than Done

By Charlotte Smith

According to elected and appointed officials Chairperson Louella P. Thompson has stated the Pledge of Allegiance will be added to the agenda for the Bladen County Board of Elections’ meetings starting in February. On January 14, 2020 the local Elections Board voted against adding the Pledge of Allegiance to the agenda.

Ms. Louella Thompson, Bladen County Board of Elections Chairperson

Chairperson Louella P. Thompson, and board members Patsy Sheppard, and Deborah Belle voted against the Pledge of Allegiance being added to the agenda at the meeting. Board members Michael Aycock and Emory White, both Veterans of the United States military voted for the pledge to be added to the agenda.

Therefore, Chairperson Thompson may need to schedule and advertise another board meeting before the regular scheduled February meeting to reverse the previous vote against adding the pledge to the agenda, according to some officials. Others say Chairperson Thompson may not need to have an additional meeting since she is the Chair and during the first meeting she was in the majority voting against the pledge.

Either way, the Bladen County Board of Elections will have to vote again on adding the Pledge of Allegiance to the agenda. It seems the tides are turning with the Pledge of Allegiance issue at the Bladen County Board of Elections. will bring you the latest news on this issue and others as soon as it is made available.

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