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Bobby Davis Resigns As Superintendent of Vineyard Golf At White Lake

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By Norgie Hester

One of the best in the business in what he does is leaving the job that helped make Vineyard Golf At White Lake one of the best venues for golf in eastern North Carolina.

Over the years Bobby Davis has had a connection to Bladen County golf. As a youngster he roamed the fairways of Oak Grove Golf Course and his recent history has been on the north side of the river at Vineyard Golf At White Lake.

Bobby has always been an excellent golfer…and it runs in the family. If you are a Davis you are A GOLFER … and a pretty darn good one at that. Bobby set aside his love for hitting the ball in order to help make the course a great place for everyone to improve their game.

Bobby has had numerous opportunities to move to some of the more elite courses in the area … but he always decided to stay with the folks he loved the most..right here in Bladen County.

A “going away” get-together was held Thursday, April 29, at the Vineyard Golf Clubhouse. Around 60 folks were present which included players from other courses and non-golfing friends and family. Everyone hates to see Bobby leave Vineyard … and there were a few tears shed … including mine.

We all wish Bobby the best of everything. When asked what he was going to be doing … Bobby answered “Probably mowing the lawn at my home.” If that is, indeed, what he is going to do he will do an excellent job … just as he did for Vineyard Golf. Smooth sailing Bobby.

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