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“At the Very Heart and Soul: A Common-Sense Guide to Appreciation and Gratitude for Couple Relationships ” 

by Timothy Neff Gocke

Named a 2020 Finalist for both the National Indie Excellence Awards and the Best Book Awards sponsored by American Book Fest, this work is “written in a down-to-earth style, acknowledging the difficulties married partners face while providing practical solutions.”

The author believes gratitude and appreciation are at the heart and soul of bonding as human beings. He offers personal stories and exercises to help couples understand the importance of appreciation in their long-term relationships. This guide provides many answers and ideas for stressful couples, noting that caring hearts and kinder souls go a long way. Purchase at https://amzn.to/39pd0sQ.

“The Power of How”

by Edward Gwynn and Mary Burkhardt

When leadership is distilled to its core, we are left with two words that describe how leaders can maintain a positive attitude and create the inspiring, motivating environment people desire: energy and influence. During this growth and transformation, we continually overcome fear and self-doubt and live into our true, powerful selves. Resilience, grit and indomitable spirit are themes you will find throughout.

But this powerful journey of leadership is not for the faint of heart. Come along for this life-changing experience. Purchase at https://amzn.to/3nuxdTG.

“The Mom’s Guide to a Good Divorce”

by Sarah Armstrong

A practical guide to help women getting a divorce understand all of the details, always keeping in focus what is best for their children. The book is written in a conversational tone from one mom to another and is served up in bite-sized pieces. Kathryn Stockett, author of The Help, says, “People need to hear Sarah’s guidance in her own captivating voice. It is innovative. It is positive. It needs to be shared with those who need it.”

The goal of the book is to help women with children make it through both the divorce process and the post-divorce phase…ultimately putting it in the category of a “good divorce.” Purchase at https://www.gooddivorce.guide.

“Back to Serve”

by Cesare Giannetti

A fictional memoir about soon-to-retire army captain Nico Corretti. Before his return home, a beautiful Russian woman informs him that his safety and his post-service stability may be in jeopardy.

He undergoes an extended unemployment period before anxiously taking a government-contract position abroad, which turns out to be more perilous than originally thought. And the mysterious Russian woman may lead him to some of the answers he seeks, as well as to some dangers and desires. After returning home, a swell of terrorist attacks send him back to the Middle East, where he’ll need to reach deep within himself to succeed on the battlefield and in life. Purchase at https://amzn.to/2IoQmXR.

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